Google Play services divided into small parts - AT LAST (UPDATE - 7.0)

| Author: Michał Ćwikliński

So far, Google didn't allow developers to use a small parts of Google Play Services library - if you want to use just Google Signup - you had to pull whole big library, which end finally in 65K DEX method limit, or use some strange Gradle modification, which slow down building process. At last Google have listened to developers, and split Google Play Services into small libraries along with version 6.5.87 (current is 7.0.0).


For this version, you can use a number of smaller client libraries, so that only these chosen ones will get compiled into your .dex file, and therefore their methods won't count towards method limit. This is, what you can use now:


Google Play services API Description in build.gradle
Google Account Login
Google Actions, Base Client Library
Google App Indexing
Google Analytics
Google Cast
Google Cloud Messaging
Google Drive
Google Fit
Google Location, Activity Recognition, and Places
Google Maps
Google Mobile Ads
Google Nearby
Google Panorama Viewer
Google Play Game services
Google Wallet
Android Wear

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