Raycast - replacement for bunch of MacOS apps

| Author: Michał Ćwikliński


I'm using Raycast since I found it as small project on Github. But till recently, it was just replacement for Spotlight, with few additional functions. Lately, I put more attention to message I got from Raycast newsletter regarding plugins system. I decided to take a look. And it was a lucky shot.

Let me tell you more. As daily MacBook and MacOS user, i'm looking for tools/apps, which will make my life and work easier (probably like majority of You). I don't want to write a poem, so I just show the table, where there will be plugin from Raycast, which became a replacement for application from the same row.

Feel fre to try it - it will make your life easier, and for sure free your Mac resources. And productivity boost.

Upcoming calendar events Dato
App Uninstaller AppCleaner
Window Management Magnet
Cofee Amphetamine
Format JSON Jayson
Tailwind CSS Colorpicker Tint
Todo List Todoist

Those are apps replacements, but Raycast has also a great amount of extensions for tools and apps used on daily basis, I can just list few:

Feel free to try it:

🏠 Raycast Homepage

🏪 Raycast Store