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MacOS must-have applications

MacOS must-have applications

It’s been a year since my last post, so I’m getting back, but with lighter content - here’s the list of my must-have applications for Mac OS X.

  1. Android Studio (free) This is my working environment, so without this I would have no work ;)
  2. Genymotion (free/paid) This is easy to use Android emulator alternative, very fast, with different features, allowing fully control Android device.
  3. AirMail (paid) The best alternative IMO for - very intuitive, simple, but powerful mail client.
  4. Sublime Text 3 (paid) Source code editor with support for many programming languages, with dedicated API and bunch of plugins.
  5. Reeder (paid) News/RSS reader with support for multiple services, especially Feedly.
  6. iTerm2 (free) Terminal emulator, with features like window transparency, full-screen mode, window-divided mode, etc.
  7. Wire (free) Before there was Telegram, now - it’s time for Wire - simple, but secure communicator.
  8. Handbrake (free) Awesome tool to convert any video file to most common formats.
  9. Cocoa Rest Client (free) App for testing HTTP/REST endpoints - simple, but suitable.
  10. sqlitebrowser (free) Name speaks for itself - simple, but still suitable.
  11. Affinity Photo (paid) A powerful alternative for PhotoShop and free GIMP. [Try and see for yourself.
  12. Antetype (paid) Prototyping app with wide range of modes and layouts.
  13. Radium (paid) Beautiful and intuitive internet radio player.
  14. Assets Resizer (free) App for resizing Android image assets.
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